News channels from California, United States

News is of great importance for the development of people. These are transmitted by a set of media, which report on the most important events. For example, there are several news networks in California, United States that have a team of professionals trained to quickly disseminate real content.

What are the most prestigious news networks in California, United States?

Today, being informed is a right of all human beings, which is why there are various media that are dedicated to showing the public the most outstanding current events. Although many people use the Internet to keep track of information, a good way to get quality news is through television.

In California, the United States there are several news programs that aim to inform about political issues, economy, local news, weather, entertainment, sports, fashion, among others. For this reason, below you will know the largest, most prestigious, reliable American chains that have managed to keep up on a daily basis.


National Broadcasting Company is a television network founded in 1926 and with headquarters in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. In general, it is characterized by being one of the largest companies in the entire United States, since it owns 13 stations and is associated with another 200.

Although it hosts several programs, the news is an essential part of the National Broadcasting Company. In fact some of the most notable productions are Datelin NBC; presented in the morning, Early Today; dedicated to launching weekly interviews, NBC Nightly News; the main evening news; and the morning show called Today.

The chain is also responsible for the broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards, that is, the second most important film ceremony.


CNN is an American television network, founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. It is known for being the first news network to cover 24 hours a day in the United States. In addition, it is the second most viewed in cities such as Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, among others.

Since its launch, the chain has expanded significantly, so it currently offers several television channels in different languages, such as Spanish and Turkish. In 1997 she was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.

Among its most important news segments are Early Start in the mornings for urgent events, New Day on the weekends, CNN Newsroom in the afternoons, and Fredricka Sheffield in the evenings. Also, there are several programs dedicated to offering live opinions such as Cuomo Prime Time and politics, for example State of the Union and Smerconish.

American Broadcasting Company

American Broadcasting Company is one of the four largest television networks in the United States. Founded in 1943 by NBC Blue Network, although it is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company.

ABC’s corporate headquarters are located in New York City and Los Angeles. It should be noted that the company is made up of several units, that is, its television division is the main network, the radio broadcasting division is called ABC Radio, the entertainment division ABC Entertainment, the sports division ESPN and the news division ABC News.

The segments are packed with talk shows, awards, contests, soap operas, kids, comedies, and of course, informational newscasts. For example, the most important is Good Morning America presented in the mornings with a duration of two hours, in addition to other relevant ones such as ABC World News, Nightline This Week, America This Morning and Primetime.

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