New methods for the dissemination of information

With the passage of time, new methods have been created for the dissemination of information, which are characterized by being very efficient and ideal for the public to know about your work. In general, for your marketing strategy to make sense and you can get a larger audience, you must plan your content and distribution channels, so you will learn how to do it below.

What are the most effective ways to disseminate information?

Offering relevant and quality content will be of no use if you cannot find the most efficient method to disseminate it. Keep in mind that making it reach users is just as important as creating it, so you must use different tools such as distribution strategies.

For example, almost 90 million posts are made monthly on platforms like WordPress. It is a considerable amount of xxx content, so the information you want to spread over the internet must be of quality to achieve a good number of views.

Keep in mind that to get to position yourself on the first page of Google it is mandatory that you write correctly, that your information adds value to the user and can be easily accessed. As advice before creating a dissemination strategy, you should consider what you want to write to obtain almost guaranteed success.

Use Slideshare

Although social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter work perfectly to disseminate information, a new method for more people to get to know your content is by uploading a PDF file to the interactive Slideshare platform.

Thus, you will have access to the presentation library of each profile so that you can share, mention and comment on your work in different free porn channels.

Infographics to share

If what you want is to present a content with long and quality information, the ideal would be to create an infographic so that your readers can save it and share it easily. In this you can summarize the most important aspects of the publication, since that is how it will be read with the naked eye.

A new and free platform on the Web that will help you let your imagination fly is Canva, which will allow you to create great infographics In addition, it has several templates and designs that adapt to any style and publications, whether on social networks or outside. of them, after printing.

Video Marketing

A good method to spread information over the web sex filmy is by using videos, which you can create with tools like Content Samurai or Lumen5. In these you have the option to add publications, text boxes, images, music, narrations, transitions, among others.

Keep in mind that the competition for positioning is much lower with this alternative, so you can get good results if you do quality work.


Offering your users an electronic book with new and quality information will always be a good method to attract readers. You have the option to give it a different design each month, in order to have the possibility that more people can have it to improve the experience with your brand.

There are many tools that can help you with this task, for example with Designate it will be easier for you to create an electronic book with a good design, options to share on all social networks, links, keywords, among others.

Creative triptychs

One of the newest methods to disseminate information on and off the web is the realization of interesting triptychs, which can be published on all social networks and printed to deliver them personally to the public. In them you can place texts and images allusive to your content, as well as the email addresses for them to contact you.